Sunday, November 27, 2011

I really, really don't like excuses

Everyones got one, and they never get you anywhere. So lets just do ourselves and everyone else on this planet a favor and get rid of 'em.  I don't want to hear why you can't do something, I just want you to do it.  Busy, sick, tired, girlfriend, boyfriend, not strong enough, not enough money, scared...not good enough - don't care.  Dead... dead might be a good excuse but that's about it.  If you have a desire to do something - do it.  One of the most common sayings I hear is "Oh, I'd love to but I can't". Listen to yourself, you'd love to? But you can't? No, if you'd love to then you would.  Love makes us change our whole entire being to facilitate action.  Think about what you love, and what you do for love - and then see if you ever make that statement again.

That rant comes from the chains people shackle themselves in during their everyday routine. Our weekdays look like this: Wake, coffee, drive, traffic, work, lunch, tired, energy drink, work, traffic, tired, microwave dinner, tv, tired, pass out on couch, repeat.   Our weekends are spent trying to escape the reality of our routine lives with booze, dinners, errands, and making our couch cushions become entirely too familiar with our rear ends.  

In a sense, i'm the pot calling the kettle black.  From March 1st to October 1st my life is chalk full of routine.  I sleep in, have breakfast at lunchtime, practice, play, and repeat for a 190 plus days.  While it's difficult for me to break up that routine during the baseball season, I still do.  That part of my life though makes October 1st to March 1st look like a miniature hide and seek game for me.  Sometimes adrenaline is hiding at the top of a cliff in the middle of the ocean, or at the bottom of a rocky hill - but i guarantee you I'm going to find it.

So that's what this blog is going to be about.  If you want help getting out of your routine and maybe finding a little fun in your life. Come here.  I'm sure i'll get off topic, and i'm guaranteed to confuse you a lot.  At the end of the day though, we'll be having fun.