Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Bull might give you wings, but not a parachute!

Let me introduce you to Travis Pastrana.  If you don’t know who this guy is, well then you need to crawl out from under your rock.  In any case, I’ll run down a quick bio for you.  Travis started riding on two wheels when he was four and has never looked back.  He actually started out mountain biking, but quickly moved on. He finished high school early, and became a world freestyle champion at 14.  Life has always been in the fast lane for him amassing countless first place finishes, motocross championships, X Games gold medals, and even a sport change into rallying.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, he was the first person to do a double backflip on a motorcycle. Injuries have been a part of his career too though.   He’s endured the following:  a dislocated spine, torn ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL in his left knee, bucket handle meniscus tear, broken tibia and fibula, surgery on his left wrist twice, left thumb once, two surgeries on his back, one on his right elbow, nine on his left knee, six on the right knee, but only one shoulder surgery.

To me this dude is a poster child for the saying “tomorrow might be dead”.  Every time he leaves a ramp, comes off a turn, or jumps out of an airplane it could be his last.  On top of constantly being referred to as a down to earth, cool guy, he does a bunch of work for charities too.

What I really wanted to talk about though, was a stunt Travis pulled off in Puerto Rico.  In his search for adrenaline, he decided to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Oh, with no parachute… with NO PARACHUTE.  How someone can jump out of an airplane - placing their fate in the hands of others and knowing that there’s a giant possibility that this could be the last 5 minutes of their life… is hard to grasp.  

So here you go, if you think you did something big today - think again.