Saturday, December 24, 2011

20 minutes, 3 times a week

Ok so we got 3/5 topics so far

1.     Drink water out of filters and reusable containers
2.     Eat Meat that is naturally raised
3.     Workout

The third one is pretty simple.  Go workout.  I’m not speaking though in terms of the way the majority uses this word.  I have no desire for you to have a six pack or to have a body that you are proud to show in a bikini in the summer.  I just want you to be healthy.  Not everyone is meant to look like WWE wrestlers or Victoria’s secret runway models.  Not to mention, I would tend to question their tactics anyway. The good news is that working out tends to make our bodies look better.  You really have no excuse here.  You don’t need a gym membership, a personal trainer, or a workout partner.  All you need is a little motivation and a very important thing called action.  I have a couple things to say first…

Dudes –

I have a couple of rules before we talk about getting off your couch.  Don’t wear affliction shirts to the gym – you’re not an mma fighter.  Cut off shirts are acceptable when used in moderation, God gave us sleeves for a reason.  Stop talking – if you want to use an excuse that you don’t have “time” to workout that’s because you spend half of your workout looking at lulu lemoned bottomed females and holding conversations that are worthless.  The chick on the treadmill next to you wants to run, not figure out a way to make you stop talking to her.  Stop getting your workouts from Men’s Health thinking that a six pack is in your near future.  Bigger is not always better.  And just because your biceps are bigger than the guy’s next to you doesn’t mean your opinion on politics is more pertinent. You don’t get to cut to the front of the line or wear a shirt size smaller than necessary.   Oh yea, and Newton told us that F = ma.  Force equals mass times acceleration. So size doesn’t equate to strength. 

Chicks –

All working out doesn’t make you big.  No bigger than ice cream at 10 o clock at night will. (don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream).  Having muscle isn’t a bad thing.  Yes girls are feminine and have a different body structure than dudes, but you can still be “fit” too.  If you’re at all worried about this, do more running and body weight stuff.  Flat stomachs aren’t relative to the amount of sit-ups you do.  Unfortunately, if it were that easy we wouldn’t have any fat on our stomachs.  Diet will get you abs before sit-ups will.  I’m not a girl, but I feel like a woman’s body can be either a huge confidence boost or the exact opposite.  Listen, wherever you are at right now is fine.  Make a goal, make a commitment and stay on a course.  Don’t desire a better body because people will look at you different; make a better body because you will look at you different.  If you are working out for someone other than yourself then you are wasting your time.   You are placing a Band-Aid on an issue that a better body will not help.  You don’t need to go from being out of shape to being a model over night.  Being in shape and working towards a body you’re proud of is way sexier than starving yourself and throwing up.  And stop purposely distracting us at the gym.  My rule at the gym is that your articles of clothing and self-esteem are directly proportionate.  Practically no clothing at the gym, means practically no self esteem at home. 

Ok now on to what you can do! No money? You don’t need a gym membership.  The ground is earth’s treadmill.  Exercises like squats, pushups, pull-ups, and crunches require space, not equipment. No time?  One hour.  One hour a week is all I ask for.  Three workouts, no less than twenty minutes each.  I don’t really care what you do as long as you do something.  There is no all-encompassing “perfect” workout.  A lot of working out has to do with what keeps you motivated.  So pick some exercises (cross fit and the 4 hour body is a good place to start, google it).  The Internet is full of information on how to workout out.  No motivation?  Working out does a lot more than make your body look cool.  It’s a good stress reliever.  It’ll help you sleep better. It helps you clear your head.  It makes you take time out of your day to be selfish and focus only on yourself.   When done the right way, it can build camaraderie with friends.  It’ll actually give you more energy.  You will get stronger.  Our bodies are amazing.  You would be really surprised what we can put them through and the way they respond.  They actually like when you use them instead of spending 30 mins sitting on your couch watching American idol.  Still no? ok, forget “working out”.  Choose from the following: Go on a hike, swim in the ocean, take a bike ride, play with kids, help someone move, do yard work, play a sport, take time after dinner to walk around the block, spend time running around the beach.  There are a lot of everyday activities that be construed as working out.  Changing the channel, however, does not count as one.  Once again, working out isn’t all about making yourself look good in those self mirror pictures you send to your significant other.  It’s about having the confidence of being a healthier, more able person.  It’s about asking your body to do certain things, and have it respond in a way that creates joy happiness in your life. 

 Just go do it.