Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quit Drinking...

No, this isn't about quitting booze.  Although you should probably cut back on that too.  

The first five topics are a response to what you can you do better your life in the event that you don't pass away tomorrow.  Number one is, go buy a water filter, and a reusable water container.  

If a commercial came on and said – “Would you like to save money? Would you like to help keep the oceans clean?  Would you like to eat fresh fish free of environmental contaminants?  Would you like to keep cancer out of your body? Perfect, go buy a Nalgene bottle and a Brita filter. 

In case this comes as any surprise to you, you should probably sit down. (if you’re not already).  Plastic is not good for your body.  This fact becomes more of a reality when the plastic is heated or reused.  Plastic bottles are formed from PET or polyethylene terephthalate.  PET is linked to causing problems with our endocrine system (hormones).  I’m sure we have no clue what our endocrine system does, I sure didn’t.  It basically means that PET is indirectly linked to cancer, cognitive problems, birth defects, learning disabilities, etc.  Will one plastic bottle hurt you? No. The issue here is that we use plastic out of convenience.  Its not that difficult to go to your local supermarket and buy a water container that isn’t made from plastic.  This means that you have to buy a water filter too, fill up the container and lug it around with you where ever you go.  Super difficult right? Naaaaaaaat.  A BPA free bottle could be anywhere from 5 to 25 bucks, and a water filter will save you tons of money in the long run.  The EPA is very stringent on tap water in America, and the FDA is less stringent on bottled water.  40% of bottled water is filtered tap water anyway.  So instead of paying a dollar for Dasani water, go buy at 25 dollar filter and save hundreds of dollars a month. 

Oil is used to make plastic.  Oil is used to transport plastic.  A lot of oil.  So if you complain about war while drinking water out of a plastic bottle, save it.

Recycling is a huge issue regarding plastic bottles.  Plastic can be recycled but the problem is that it doesn’t (haha).  So where does the plastic go? The ocean.  The ocean has currents and those currents pick up the bottles and they all go to the same spot.  Google the Trash Vortex or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Most of this stuff is “out of sight out of mind”, and if that’s the case for you then think about this.  Fish.  You eat them, right? Well if there is contamination in the ocean, specifically plastic, then what do you think winds up in the fishies bellies, on our plates, and then in our bellies? 

So, just in case you’re not dead tomorrow, go help your body, your environment, and your wallet.