Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post before the Posts

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing a mini series on 10 topics. The 10 topics are divided into two categories.  The first one will be called – “but what if I’m not dead tomorrow”, and the second one – “five things you can do just in case you are dead tomorrow”.  

Just a quick precursor before I start these posts.

1. I’m not a tree hugger.  We were put on this earth to be responsible though.  I eat meat, I’ve littered, and I’ve spit my gum out on occasion.  I’m not some crazy protestor that is going to picket for world peace and recycling.  But I believe that as human beings and people that occupy this earth we are to be responsible for ourselves, the generation after us and to protect the things that we give the distinct title of “beautiful”. I just am attempting to help out your quality of life and open up eyes to serious environmental problems that can be helped by the individual, individually. 

2.  I’m not an educator.  I believe that some of the best education is self-education.  So I’ll give you some information and if you feel inclined to further research it on your own, awesome.

3.  If you have further questions, leave a comment.